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In I will never be the same again.
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It was long time ago, I think in the year 2002 or 2004. I was goatsed by some internet prankers and being young it hit me like an emotional assault. I am never the same after that. Still I have nightmares.
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Whatever being goatsed means, you're obviously still traumatised by it, so get yourself some therapy.
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@: Ellenna
It's good to know you don't know about it . You never had to see it. Please never ever search for it on internet. It's still there. The website is still not taken down. :( It's a shame.
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When you say young, I assume that you were a minor at the time. It's normal. I can think of a few people who are still grossed out by some of the "shock" vids and pics from back in the day.

Is it bad that I found goatse hilarious at the time and would send that pic plus Encyclopedia Dramatica's Offended page to people that called me a Spic?
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So did you stretch your hole or did you see someone else's stretched?
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@: jethro
I saw it on the internet. It was a private URL linking to an ftp server. All I remember that the folder was named "whatever" and file was whatever.jpg. I thought I was being helped by some experts with a research on my school project.
It's not a joke. Seriously it still haunts me.
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Maybe you should see a counselor about this.
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