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Inn mother's attachment to me IS INSANE
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She follows me everywhere.Apparantly I owe her my life so she has the right to do these things(I am being sarcastic) It is making me paranoid. she tells my stepson bad stuff about me. she stalks me everywhere and yells aren't you going to answer me for hours and hours if I try ignore her.One day she had let herself into my place and was watching me have sex through my keyhole.she told the post office I was on vacation and they sent my mail back to sender.She made a facebook pretended to be me and really hurt my relationships with friends. If I yell and explode I look like the bad guy.The police said I don't have enough proof to get a restraining order and that all moms do this which is insane.
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She obviously has mental health issues and the police are wrong: not all mothers do this!

Change your locks for a start and the camera suggested above is a good idea. I don't know where you live, but surely the post office shouldn't take someone else's word about your mail without checking with you?

I reckon a restraining order is the way to go, so you just need to get enough evidence for one. But hold on, aren't they granted by a court, not the cops? In my experience, never take legal advice from a cop because most of the time they don't know what they're talking about. It would be better to consult a lawyer about this rather than the cops, who were probably looking for an excuse to do nothing.

It's an awful situation you're in: I do hope you can find a way of dealing with it soon.
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Tell the police she has a key and is not allowed to enter your house. Setup a camera at the front door, so you'll have footage of her illegally entering your home.
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No its not bloody well normal...
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You should use the force to internalize this piece of shit, or just kill it, it is blocking your way right?
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OMG! That's bad!
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Is your name Norman Bates or am I mistaken?
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