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Is all the HATRED normal?
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Why, oh why, do people HATE so readily? If somebody just physically or emotionally abused you, some hatred is understandable. I'm talking about things people hate when they simply needn't. Examples - 'Bad' language, bad grammar/spelling, text-speak "i h8 u", pro/anti abortionists, right/left wingers, sports/sports teams, 'druggies', TV programmes, TV's & TS's, babies, teenagers, adults, being criticised/praised, animals,,,,. Basically, you name it and you can be sure somebody, somewhere HATES it. Well, apart from the abuses I mentioned at the beginning, I don't hate anything or anybody. There are things I don't like but I don't dwell on them for more than a few seconds. I don't even hate the haters. I LOVE human diversity. Are these myriad hatreds normal human condition that I'm too laid-back/mentally ill to comprehend, or do the (irrational) haters need to chill? Your thoughts, please.
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This reminds me of the recent post about using the phrase "I miss you" too casually. People throw around the word "love" too much too. And the same is true of "hate".

I sometimes think people need a vocabularly lesson.
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That's just what I'm looking for. Great observation. Thanks.
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I hate it when people post a new comment when they should have replied to a comment.
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A fine example, "i miss you". So innocuous.
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I agree with you. If I hated nearly as much as some people do or say hey do, my my cabinet would be stuffed with blood pressure meds.
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I wish people didn't use the word "hate." Its harsh and has such strong connotations to it. I think when you start saying you hate things it grows on you like a cancer. There is so much negative energy attached to that word. I agree with your post.
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It's all a joke really, in a few decades we'll all be dead and how we treated others will mean nothing.

Buy a puppy and give it a hug, or go down the street shooting a bunch of people. It won't matter to the one doing such things because he's doing them! Thusly, it matters only to OTHERS who like/hate whatever the individual has done.

So people like you, along with general society, encourage "love over hate" simply to control others. To prevent them from acting freely.

There's no difference between a serial killer and a saint. Both people are simply acting out on what they feel, only to be judged lovingly/hatefully by others.

So you infact stand for what you say/think you oppose.

-Tommy, the king of all cats.
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Indeed, Neuro. Some of them must be on the brink of popping,, Mr Creosote style.

Suckonthis - I'm most honoured that you've chosen to grace me with a splendid example of your droll trollings. I no u dnt reely h8 me.
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Some people are just hateful. You can't change who they are as a person.

The only people I hate are bullies. That's normal though.
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0) Sorry but i have nothing to say i'll stay out of this conversation.
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Because they can't/don't get laid.
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I agree.
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Hate is such a strong word.

I only reserve it for those that really destroy my willingness to give them a chance.

I hope you are never on the recieving end of my hate.
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I understand completely...I wish liberals weren't so full of hate either.
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1) Please use 'someone', instead of 'somebody'.

2) Please do not use textese, where it does not belong (I know that you were only citing an example, but nevertheless).

3) Please do not use -ists or -isms.

4) Please use 'infant' or 'child', instead of 'baby'.

All these, especially -ists and -isms, contribute toward ineffectual communication and hatred towards others.

Thank you.
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If you can't use textese when citing an example, then where can you use it?
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Use it when texting, nowhere else.

*Except, possibly on some chat sites (this should be discussed and delineated).

Also, a ready reference (lexicon) for SMS language, would be handy.
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