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Is he too rough in bed?
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I think my boyfriend might be too rough in bed. He always has complete control and he moves me into whatever position he wants without asking me. He is constantly moving my body. he also pushes my head to his penis and holds it there while he thrusts. sometimes this hurts. sometimes he does this when i am lying down from above and it scares me. is this normal? he is lovely in everyother way.
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Talk to him and yell him you don't like it. Sounds like he likes being dominant. If he won't back off then tell him where to go.....
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Personally I think it's hot when a guy moves you around in bed and takes control, but maybe he doesn't know it makes you uncomfortable. Talk to him about it!
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Hmmm, I'm not that rough in bed. I like my lady to have a say in what would pleasure her. Sometime's she has complete control, And sometime's I have it. =] So it all depends on how "rowdy" you like your men in bed. If you don't like how he treats you in bed, Talk to him about it. If he truely loves you he'll settle down and maybe let you have control for a change. =] Hope this helps!
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I would love the whole dominant way he throws you around the bed but I wouldn't like him pushing my head anywhere. That's when you'd hear the sound of screeching breaks.
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