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Is incest normal?
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My first sexual experience was with a sister that is several years older. She pulled the covers over me and asked me to rub her down there. I didn't know what I was doing. Then, it happened a few more times and I just did it without knowing it was "sexual". when I got to the age that she was when it first happened, and "more interested" she had boyfriends and didn't want to, so i got my other sister to do it a few times. Then she showed me how she would hide in my mom's closet and rub herself while watching my mom. I was 2 yrs younger and didn't exactly know it was "wrong" but knew we would be in trouble for watching. for a while, we would hide in there and rub ourselves or each other until it got to where we tried sex. our mom played with her butt and my sister wanted to try it. we did it a couple of times and then she stopped wanting to "play".
When we got older and were dating, I was jealous of her boyfriends and would try and run them off, but we had nothing going on between us.
I guess she sensed that I was still thinking about it, cause one night after I ran a boyfriend off, she was angry and got naked and asked me if that is what I wanted. I started to play with her, but felt bad and stopped and left.
A few years later, we were sharing a house and she would come in my room in the mornings in her underwear and get on top of me and tickle me and got a little frisky, but just on the verge of sexual and I made a few attempts at going there but she would always laugh and run off like it was a game of tease.
this went on for the year that we lived together even while she had a BF. She moved for a job and we are both married now and have kids. I have had a couple of "on the edge of the subject" conversations with her when conversation led to something sexual. We used to be very close, and talked about anything. She would give me sexual advice with GF's or relationship talk or whatever.
The thing is, I haven't really been able to move on from it all. I fantasize about being with her or the first times with my other sister and it still is a big turn on for me. I also, think about watching my mom and think about that. I have told my wife about it all and she is actually somewhat turned on by it. Sometimes, she will ask me if I thinking about that stuff.
It makes me feel bad, but I can't help it.
I feel like I am trapped in this sexual mentality and I would like to find some peace in it.
I honestly feel like I was subjected to it initially and it isn't my fault that it turns me on after so much exposure to it.
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I think incest is fine, i want to fuck my mum so bad!
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double no
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Is she hot? Scale of 1-10?
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Infinity normal incest is FUUUUUUUUUUCKING HOT AS HELL
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I'm more than ok with incest is that normal
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I'm actually OK with incest.

Not saying I would fuck my sister or anything.

But what people like to do, is up to them.

This sounds like abuse btw. Haven't read the whole thing (Can't be fucking bothered)so I can't REALLY say. You should prob talk about this with someone.

If you're alright with all this, that's aight'
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I'm finding it interesting that people who are posting comments [re: incest] change their view depending upon how the context is portrayed. In other incest posts, people are horrified and post a more rude "of course it isn't normal" type response.
In my opinion, if you are not comfortable with it, (and only you truely know this) it isn't normal in your mind. If you have regrets about these past acts try to be mindeful and keep the past in the past, you cant change what you did. You can, however, change what you do - how you relate with your sister now.
I'm not sure how to address your wife and how she is into it. I would try to think of it from the perspective of a parent (which I am not) - would you be okay with your son and/or daughter doing the same things while watching your wife? Your wife is most likely not going to be into that - at least, I hope not as that opens a whole legal can of worms that I need not describe.
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I have huge hots for 2 of my sisters
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yeah!!! ancient people where all massively stupid we are nowadays so much better
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It's strange. I have no incestuous thoughts, but the thought of someone else being incestuous is a big turn on. You say your wife is turned on by it? Would she mind if you did make it with your sister? If she's like you to, why don't you ask your wife to ask your sister for you?
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I have lots of incestuous thougjts.I want to have sex with 3 of my cousins.One is a milf and and the othet 2 are single.I have desired one of my sisters for 34 years since I was 18.I have been getting horney thoughts for another sister over the past 2 months.As it happens she shares a house with one of the single cousins mentioned above
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I think incest is quite normal. I think if a young girl is involved, the brother, uncle or father must use a condom. Once all those involved are adults, it is a loving and exciting way to enjoy sex. My wife and I have an open marriage and one of our intimates is a man who was engaged in sex with his uncle; no abuse, they both enjoyed sucking and anal sex. Did it affect you in any way in later life? I asked. "No, we did it up until several years ago."
I used to masturbate and lick my elderly aunt and she loved it. When I asked her if she would have had sex with me on a trip to NY, she said "Probably." I was 18 and she was 42. I've known some men who have sex with their sisters all their life. It is normal? YES! BTW the idiot thing is as often a genius. But use a condom and enjoy your life. Jim
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68% of people are not normal
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@: datguy
32% of people are wierd.
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Of fucking course it's normal. *starts fisting sister*
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It is 100% normal. What wrong with that if a guy want to insert dick in a pussy irrespective of relation. He will not going to kill that woman. He is just give u some push and cum. When I was 15 I got my 1st bj from my aunty. She use to suck me regularly. My uncle was a drunker and my aunty never got any satisfaction from him. So she did it. I fucked her at that age.
when I was in college I had sex with my cousin sister. Every nite she allowed me to her room and I sucked her.
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It's a lot more common then anyone wants to admit. My sister who is 2 years younger and I began playing with each other when we hit puberty. In high school we dated but always enjoyed ourselves when our parent were not around. I also played with few cousins and my aunt. I know many other who have experiences
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Is it normal? It depends on the situation. When I was 15 my mother's 1st cousin, and my 1st cousin once removed, stayed with us for a month that summer. She and my mother were both 36. Without going into details my cousin seduced me (which didn't take much effort) and we had sex of various kinds until she left. I have never wished it hadn't happened and only wish she had lived closer by.

Years later when I was about 42-43 I had sex with my mother's sister who is 2 years younger than I. We were both separated on the way to divorce and would stop by each others house for a drink now and then. As will happen one night we had sex. We continued this on a regular basis for about 2 years until she remarried and moved out of state. We never considered moving in together but enjoyed each others bodies while we were together.The only regret I have is that she moved away. During this time we would see each other at my mother's house where my grandmother also lived. I was never embarrassed in front of them for what my aunt and I were doing of which they had no knowledge.

Although she was a very pretty woman I was never attracted sexually to my mother or to my sister who is younger than I but that I was sexually attracted to my 1st cousin and my aunt I found/find perfectly normal and never thought of it in any other way. On the other hand I would have found it abnormal to have sex with my mother.
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Most sexual things like this are harmless but aside from Rape incest is the only one that can cause real lasting damage emotional scarring horrific life destroying levels of anger and spite.

Honestly i have vertigo and i get an urge to throw myself over railings the urge is fine ok
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