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Is is normal that I don't like most music on the radio?
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Most music I hear today on the radio and even in churches is must a big ball of blaring noise. The best musician I have ever heard knew how to use silence between notes. Does anyone else think this way? I would love to know if anyone knows of tasteful music in any genre that is well done.
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Only 90s kids will get this
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90s R&B or alternative indie are great genres. I would download 8tracks it's very easy to find a specific type of music for yourself
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I agree with you. In my radio one interesting song usually come after ten boring songs but it is duty of radio jockeys to compliment every song they play.
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Music on the radio is usually shit.

People will whine on metal and call it noise. I call shit on the radio for noise.
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@: Trade3
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Definitely. IMO, music on the radio (pop music and the like at least) is utter shit. Bigger fan of classical music and rock myself, classical is just really nice and rock musicians care about what they're writing, and it's not all "I met a boy/girl and i kissed him but don't tell"
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