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Is it badluck or just a belief?
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The guy that currently is making me go through a tough time called me today and apologized for one reason, he says since our argument he's been going through badluck after badluck, First he got arrested for DUI and had to spend the night, after that got robbed, now they want to close down his business also his family is having troubles.. Yes when you fight someone you curse them and all but isn't this just a coincidence, he said none of this ever happened before, he even told me he's afraid to hurt me again, I know it's lame maybe.. But can someone get misfortunes Cause you wished for it, or it just a belief that's all in the head..?
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It's random, but if he's stupid enough to believe it why contradict him? Sounds as if you're nearly silly enough to believe it, but believe me, it's definitely a series of random coincidences
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@: Ellenna
His reaction was priceless, like he almost though I was harry Potter or some shit like that.. Thinking I practice witchcraft.. I like that part lol.. :)
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No its not bloody well normal...
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He's been doing some hard drugs.
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Most def..
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Is this your boyfriend, ex boyfriend or just some dude you know?

Despite the fact that I do actually believe in Karma, it's also possible that this guy might just be a dumbass who habitually does all the wrong things. Most likely it's probably a combination of the two, but either way don't feel sorry for him or blame yourself in anyway. I do think it's alright and even good to pray for him or someone like him. You may even find yourself forgiving him at some point.

I do think that if this is your boyfriend or someone you're seeing that ought to breakup with him. I would distance myself from him if I were you.
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I pray Karma fucks him up big time in life, for causing pain and suffering. He's an ex according to me.
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