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Is it normal afer 10 years of running to suddenly quit
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I've been a long distance runner since I was a kid, and after 10 years of it I suddenly stop. I asked myself why do I run and I had no answer. It's not accomplishing me anything (actually it's giving me some harm, underweight and injuries lasting over a year strait), and I have a lot of other important things I need to do.

Ever since I stopped I feel this huge since of guilt every time I eat or do anything just for enjoyment. "I could give up that meaningless thing for running". I huge part of my social life has always been with runners. In school they were the first people I knew and were my go to friends from there. Afterwards I just kept hanging out with other runners.

Not sure if any of this matters but when I did finally quit I had lot's of looming thoughts about it before hand, and I skipped a race I already signed up for. I was a competitive runner (Girl under 18mins in 5k)and performed badly in my last two races due to lack of motivation.

Before I give my life story I'll just ask IIN.

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your good bro just do what makes you happy dont think to much into it life is short all that noise
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thats actually kind of cool when you scroll it af medium speed can't tell which way your going
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What made you all the sudden quit running?
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Running is a Zen. Go back to it if you can unless you are injured.
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