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Is it normal Dating an Agent (CIA) part 2
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First, thanks to people who responded to the first posting, however silly some responses were.

What I mean it normal to date someone in this position knowing that my life will change significantly....a respondant to my previous post said it's "just a job, like dating an accountant or an engineer."

I assure you, being romantically involved with an agent is NOT like dating an accountant or engineer. Sort of a preposterous thing to say, really.

Ultimately, what I wonder is this : is it normal to continue in a relationship with a person who must leave the country on a moments notice, for sometimes months at a time? Often I am not privy to even what country this person is in. Is it normal to never know what my significant other REALLY is doing in this career? Is it normal to know that my life could be in danger by being involved in a relationship like this, but still love this person enough to stay?

I must admit, however, the perks of being an agents' significant other are very nice! ;)

Many aspects are confusing. Just looking for a little intelligent (no pun intended) insight.

Thanks again.
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Something might be suspect if this person is referring to themselves as an "agent" or "spy". Most people I know who work in Intelligence refer to themselves as "officers". Not everyone who works at the CIA is a "spy". There are four directorates and within one is the Clandestine Service. I've never heard of someone having to drop everything and disappear from their family for months with no contact. The CIA knows an officer in those circumstances would not perform well and make a mistake. As for your life being in danger, that's ridiculous. Unless he drew a post in a hostile country and you went with him to live and even then you'd be in no more danger than if he was with the Red Cross or armed services. I hate to say this but if someone says they work for the CIA and may have to disappear on a moment's notice for months on end with no contact that is highly suspect.
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Nice to see you again. I'm glad you took special notice of my comment.

Sorry, it seems I had misunderstood your question in the first part, and I honestly admit that, due to the briefness of your first post, I assumed it was some adolescent fooling around. So I really apologize. Allow me to rephrase, part 2.

I still think it's normal to date someone from the CIA. Is it more accurate to say that it is like dating a man from the army, instead? Maybe "accountant" and "engineer" WAS a bit too ridiculous.

It is, however, not very normal to not know what he/she is doing. Then again, it is part of his/her job to not tell you.

It is normal, if you truly love him/her, to know that your life will be in danger as you date this agent.

Here's my take on this: You should date the agent anyway. This CIA agent should know the risks he's taking by having a significant other, and so should you. It probably won't be a very normal relationship, but that doesn't necessarily mean a bad thing.

Good luck. And sorry if my first post (and this one too) offended you.
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He's not really an CIA agent. He just told you that so that you fall for him. I can see that you are a female.

If he was really CIA agent you wouldn't know unless you got married (and sometimes not even then). Do you seriously think he is going around telling every girl he is dating with that he works for CIA? What a poor CIA employee he is then. Most likely fake one.
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I actually work for the government and know a few agents and most lie to their significant other and say they are on the job our of town and are cheating. Find it exciting and take it for what's it's worth. If he is indeed an agent u are a side chick or he has one. How would u know different ??
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@: lisalyn

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well you seem smart enough to make that decision on your own without asking a bunch of strangers... dont ya think?
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An acquaintance went out with a female spy a few years ago. He had to sign the official secrets act and they had a policy between them that he shouldn't ask, because she couldn't tell.

As far as I know, the only thing he ever knew about her work was that she was a spy. And I guess that's the way it should be. They split up in the end because (get this) he found her boring.
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Wait. Agents are allowed to tell people that they are secret agents working for a spy organization?
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I was recruited by the CIA and we had to sign "I will not tell shit" paperwork before you even begin the interview process. He works at home depot and has a vivid imagination.
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What are the perks of being with an agent?
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I don't think he's a CIA agent/Also, if he were, it seems pretty careless of you to BLAST it on the internet. Way to go. That's really bright on your part. If he really was an agent, and I was in his shoes and I saw this post or one of my fellow CIA officers/agents/superiors saw this post and traced back to whomever it was, I would be pretty upset. If he is lying, then he is just using that to impress you. That makes no sense. If he is telling the truth, your post shows you are not very trustworthy and also questioning the state of your relationship. Even if you have a 'friend' who may or may not work for CIA/FBI...whatever, the idea of posting about it is absurd. This is why information is leaked. Maybe he is not even an agent. Maybe he is being questioned or used by an agent or officer to see if he has anything worth investigating to provide. who knows? In any case, its not cool you are asking complete strangers about it. I hope you two stay together, but perhaps you should be more honest about your doubts and share with him that you posted this. If there are any other secrets or information you may have passed on to friends or strangers, perhaps you should let him know. You may be putting his life in danger and you may even be jeopardizing his job. Did you ever think about that?
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There are two issues with dating an Agent (I know this, as I suspect I am too). Okay make that three:

1. The agent may try to talk you out of the idea. You will have to verify "Am I sane?" with pretty extensive logic.
2. Why is this person into you? There are two possible reasons, either recruitment (it's common, wiki it) or assassination.
3. The last consideration is the idea that could actually endanger their life by blabbing publicly about it on a web section (oops). Worse, you might not know about it if it happened, because you could end up talking to a proxy.
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if you really love them, stay. i would stay. my x's career was really "requiring" of him and it was difficult to get time with him but we made it work. he cheated on me though...
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He's leading a double life. Look for pictures of his other family!!
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