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Is it normal for a 19 year old to be sexually attracted to a 14 year
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i was horny and gave into temptaion and talked dirty with a girl who is younger than me. Im 19 and she's 14 and i feel guilty and think that im a pervert. We basically just played out a teacher/schoolgirl fantasy and i really liked it. Im not attracted to children at all but i feel bad about this since the convo was sexual. This makes me feel bad and i dont know if im a pevert. Is this normal? help!!
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My best friend started dating a 14 year old when he was 17 then he actually turned 18 so we all joked that he was a pedo but we knew he wasn't, anyways they are actually still together now after 6 years.
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It is very hard to draw a line.
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i dont know about normal but if your over 18. its iligal in most states the legal age of consent is 16. so at the risk of being labeld a pedofile because your horny next time look up porn.
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It's okay to be attracted to girls a couple years younger, but 14 is cutting it close. She's still a kid, horny and not very smart. I wouldn't pursue into it any further. Next time go with someone a bit older.
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"Hi, I'm Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC. Why don't you take a seat."

Your attraction seems perfectly normal but it would be very wise to wait or forget about it all together.
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Copied from another post of mine.

But then why are girls attracted to older men, and older men attracted to younger girls? Generally speaking, a younger girl is more resilient physically than an older woman. From a biological perspective, this means that at the onset of puberty, she can start having children, and her chances of survival are increased because of her youth. The opposing side to that is why on earth a younger girl would prefer to mate with an older male. Mainly strength. An older male will have established hunting trails, and knowledge how to defend himself and his "family." A younger male will have a more difficult time protecting/bringing food home simply because he isn't as experienced. Obviously back in those days life spans were quite short. But we haven't really evolved out of that yet. It was quite common for 12 year old girls to mate with 25-30 year old males. More chances to get her pregnant, more ability to provide, more potential offspring.
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So you think it's normal?
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im 20 and my bf is 26 so I was in kindergarden when he was in 6th grade. its normal, but not legal
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Normal to be attracted but dangerous to pursue anything! Wait till she is older
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