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Is it normal for a 32 year old woman to think about sex ALL the time?
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So I just started a new job, I'm in a position of power and control. Lately, every man I come into contact with that is mildly to very attractive, I'm fantasizing about sexually! I don't know what's wrong with me, I'll be sitting there having a completely normal conversation with them but I'm imagining them going down on me and other scenerios like that. I'm a very attractive woman, well educated, just in the last 2 months since starting this job, I'm wearing dresses with no panties and thinking about sex ALL the time, very annoying, it's actually keeping me up at night. I have a boyfriend and two kids by the way, anybody, what's wrong with me?
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Tell your boyfriend how horny you are. He's guaranteed not to leave for the next 2 years. Lol
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Women tend to hit their sexual peak in their early 30s. Congratulations, it sounds like you are there now. Maybe I should be congratulating your boyfriend instead.

Best Wishes!
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I notice that you recognized that you "have a position of power and control." That's pretty arousing for everybody, and we've all seen stories where some people handle it badly. Many of these stories end up with someone being fired, sued, or arrested. So, yeah, clearly this is very normal.

Something that might be fun for you to try (only you would know) might be to try a little sexual roleplaying at home with your boyfriend: actually act out the fantasies in your mind with him!
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Nothing wrong with you, love a woman like you....
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