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Is it normal for a 32 year old women to Date a guy 25?
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Do you think a relationship will work out if the women is older? I am 32 and my bf is only 25
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Legal age is 18 and can fuck/date whoever the fuck you want. Asking if its normal seems to me like you care about what people would think of the relationship. Don't worry if its normal because of the age gap. Worry if he is a bad influence on you.
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Depends on each others' maturity level, patience, what stage of life you both are ready for and whether you two can work through it.
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the relationship can work if the older person is immature for their age and the younger person is mature for their age.
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Whether it works out or not will have nothing whatsoever to do with the age gap, so stop worrying about it, except of course if it bothers your boyfriend
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You are both still very young, enjoy life!
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its subjective but they say the appropriate age difference is half your age plus 7 so you're good
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What tealights said.
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If you are happy together, go for it!
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