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Is it normal for a 7 year old to masterbate?
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Is it normal? I was visiting my aunt and uncle in VA and I went up to get my little 7 year old cousin and when I walked in she was masterbating and I just wanted to know is that normal and any advice about talking to her about it!?!? PLease help! I dont want to tell her parents just yet and I am 20 so I think I am old enough to talk to her about it!
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It actually is very normal and children younger than this also masturbate. Try googling some studies done on the subject and looking in academic'll learn more. One important thing they recommend is that you never tell them that it is "dirty" or something to be embarrassed about because it can cause issues later in life. I really don't think it's responsibility to interfere here. If you are still concerned then you should just inform her parents.
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It is actually incredibly normal. From a medical psychiatry point of view though, she wont have been having sexual thoughts so to speak. Children at that age and much younger are incredibly interested in their genitals (it's something they know isn't socially acceptable to talk about and therefore is a bit of a mystery).

No need to talk to her, she won't understand and it will probably just embarrass her beyond belief. It's completely innocent child's play!
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Okay well thank you for this I actually didnt have to talk to her! She just walked up to me and asked if we can talk in private and then asked my if it was bad or dirty and will she get in trouble and I told her no because I did it when I was about 11 and I just told her to lock the door next time!!
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good answer wow 1121
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No, no its not.
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R U sure she was masturbating? cause at that age little girls just get curious about their bodies and they tend to touch themselves just like boys at that age do. I would tell U to talk to her but she's too young to understand. I guess I would talk to her mother and let her know in case she one day see's her touching herself, she won't be surprised, then she'll deal with it.
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Ummm, excuse me. I've been masturbating since I was four. I knew it felt good, so I did it. Kids do have a sexuality, you know.
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i don't know about girls but at that age i did that every day after school and before bed.
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First off, listen to randomjelly. Second, the same. Yes, it happens. No, it's not your responsibility to deal with it.
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It is normal especially for girls. It often can be a form of self soothing (not in the sexual way that we think of)
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Yes it's normal. I was masturbating quite often at that age. Not all kids do but it is common.
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