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Is it normal for a cat to chase an invisible enemy?
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My bed is shaking and moving gently by itself at night. my cat starts chasing an enemy that is invisible to me. sometimes other things in the room move. at first i thought i had a room that just got quickly infested with a microscopic bug. like bed bugs or mites. and there were so many that they traveled in groups and were simply very powerful! i was disgusted but i was determined to get them out! now i am watching the cat as she spends hours in fear and chasing something small and invisible to me ! and can't sleep every night because the bed shakes as if there is a living being stuck in the mattress! i have never had an experience even close to this...what in the f*** is going on???????
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Definitely ghosts or poltergeists or both. You'll have to get a priest or a shaman in to exorcise them.
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Cats are like that sometimes.
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Cats play with invisible shit all the time. At worst; you just have a bored cat with too much energy. If the imaginary chasing games bug you, set some time aside to play with the cat yourself (feather wands are the shit for this) and get him/her tired out.

Or you have ghosts/a poltergeist. My cats love sitting in front of me while I do stuff and watching something over my shoulder.
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thanks for your comments. today, my cat is not staring at me like i have 3 heads or looking over my shoulder at a monster or chasing something through the rooms. i wonder if the spirit that was definitely here, is now gone or just taking a break. i would hire an exorcist but don't know where to find one! i don't think catholic churches have a list of numbers to hand out. how can i contact a psychic/ channeler/ or paranormal expert? anyone?
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the spirit came back last night and my cat is terrified of it and me again! i do not know what to do....
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my cat fucks invisible enemies. it would be fucking my leg, but i lost that shit in 'Nam. Anyways, yeah let your cat chase and fuck whatever it wants why's that ur buisness that's all up to the big man up in the sky. and that man is atticus himself #truelove
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It might be ghost or demon. I've heard of democratic stuff that happens like that. If it keeps happening, I'd move out or call the police
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