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Is it normal for a girl's vagina to smell like burnt paper?
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My girl smells like something got burnt down there...or is that just dry piss + sweat mixed? I have no idea.. either way, how do i tell her to shave and clean herself b4 i go down on her? I dont want to be mean..OR take away the excitement. I just want her to have an amazing time, and i think i can do a better job if she didnt smell like something got burnt.. any ideas?
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tell her not to burn things in her vagina?
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Take a shower with her before you have oral. Grab a cloth and be playful and wash her up good but doubt shop until IRS Irish Spring Fresh
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^ This. Also offer to shave her. Some people find that sexy to do. I myself am too nervous to do that lol. Also burnt paper? That's odd. Lol better than smelling like fish though.
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buy her dushes for christmas
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