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Is it normal for a guy to not like sports?
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Im a guy that liked sports when I was little. However, at that time I had to rely on my father (who was a big sports nut) to take me to practice. He never did. He always had some lame excuse as why he couldn't do this or that As a result I never learned them and when I tried I was bullied mocked and ridiculed for lack of talent in them. it. After so much of having to put up with it, I grew to disdain and hate everything about them (team sports) Instead I focused on weight lifting, martial arts and archery and all of that warrior stuff These were activities that I could do on my own without have to rely on other people to join in. That's why I dont like sports. There are just too many bad memories associated with them for me. Is there anyone else who feels this way or am I alone in this?
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Normal, I don't see a problem at all: like what you like
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If there is anything that Ocean's Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen taught me it's if you can't work well in a team you will never be able to rob a casino.
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Sports to me is overrated in general. Wastes air time, create bad manners, work against each other. Cities with more sports involvement also correlate with higher crime rates.
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The problem is never the sport itself, it's how you act about it. Just because people are stupid doesn't mean that sports are overrated and a waste of time. Actually, sports are good for your health and if anything they can help you make friends.
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Sports are just dogma brainwashing bullshit. Sports are for people who lose limbs in war.
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As someone who loves sports, I see nothing wrong with this. Sports are complex, those who do not understand them, i.e. the guy above, find them "boring" because it makes no sense to them. I'm American and do not have a strong understanding of soccer or cricket, so I find them both boring. However, I could watch a full 9 inning game of baseball between two teams I care nothing about and still enjoy it. I played the sport for years, understand it on every level, and see things most folks do not during the course of the game as I'm looking at it through a different lens than others.
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basketball is okay. i like their drive and energy. but most sports are boring. you'll get an exciting moment here and there.
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Hockey is my life and I love fantasy hockey and watching it. However, it's a preference.

I just think it's a lot easier to connect with bros who watch sports.
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You sound like you never made it out of your dad's house.
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