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Is it normal for a guy to SNUGGLE himself in bed?
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If a man that likes you texts you and
says, "What's up?" and you say, "Just finished working" And he answers, "Just snuggling up with myself in bed." Is that normal? Do grown men SNUGGLE themselves in bed? Or was this some sort of weird implication?
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Comments (11)
I think he would like you to be snuggling with him.
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@: Ellenna
And more than snuggle.
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He wants you to say, "Let's snuggle together."
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I think it just means he was getting comfy in bed. I dont think he had any hidden meaning
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Lol you really need to learn the fine art of flirting... Good lord. You're supposed to say something like "i wish i was there w you" or whatever comes to mind. Youre not supposed to sit & think about THAT comment of all things smh...
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He could mean playing with himself, or to be warm in bed.
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Could be an implication or maybe he's just gay. They tend to talk like fruit cakes.
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He's letting you know he's alone.
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Well I mean he is human. Sometimes they just need to snuggle.
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I think he is a lizard, or a politician, or both. You should marry him and teach him how to be a real man.
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He is obviously giving you a hint.
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