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Is it normal for a guy you just met to ask if you have a lover?
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This happend to me a while back. Do most guy's do this nowaday's. Anywho it just scared me away to be honest. Who does say's that within five minutes of first meeting someone. So please share your thoughts on the matter. It it normal?
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Comments (7)
Sounds like selfishness/laziness on the guy's part. If he's not going to get sex, he can't even be bothered putting in any effort to get to know you. He doesn't sound like anyone worth knowing anyway.
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@: dappled
Exactly the point in asking. Why waste time, only to not get what you're looking for?

He's not gonna wait around.
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Not normal. Don't ever answer this question to a stranger.
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What Dappled said, total loser and a creep. I don't find that normal at all, but I'm not in the "dating" market anymore, so maybe I'm wrong. I'm definitely not wrong about him being a creep though. He should be the poster boy for "How NOT to pick up women".
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This has happened to me several times. He either wants to get into your pants or he's actually been crushing on you for some time but was too afraid to tell. Anyways, if you have a bf, let him know.
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I could understand him asking if you had a boyfriend, but a lover, now that is the wrong choice of words. That would put most people off, I think. No, most people would not be so blunt and uncouth, so I voted not normal.
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Some people just don't like to waste time.
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