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Is it normal for a homeschooled teen to be forced to keep a bedtime?
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Posting this question on behalf of a 14-year-old friend who's too young to register here. Sorry if it's a bit tl;dr, but she'd really appreciate it if you could take the time to read and comment.

"My dad enforces a bedtime of 11:00 each day, including weekends and holidays.

I find this particularly strange because I actually only have tuition twice a week, and I am never late for it. Being asleep as late as 12:30am gives me enough sleep for my Monday session and as late as 1am is enough for my Thursday session. Outside of tuition I study by myself whenever necessary and have no other obligations, and I am not usually late or inattentive for tuition. I do not have any problems sleeping.

When I question him on why he wishes to keep this rule, he simply says something along the lines of:

"Because it's normal for kids your age." (Don't other "kids" go to school?)


"It's to help you fit in with the family."
(Other members of the family do not usually interact with each other in the morning beyond "I need to use the bathroom!")


"So that I can say bye to you in mornings."
(Please note that he does not, in fact, usually interact me in the morning.")

Do you agree with his decision? Is it normal for an otherwise reasonable and relaxed parent to want to force additional needless responsibilities upon both himself and his child? How do I stop him?

Please do not judge me as a whiny, ungrateful teenager, tell me that things could be worse, or tell me that I need to just do whatever my parent tells me. It's unhelpful, assuming and patronising behaviour. I love my dad, I know it's not the end of the world and I know I need to do what he says, but I don't like or understand this rule and would like some thought from others about it."
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Keeping a routine schedule is good for your body, so I can see enforcing a bedtime to a certain degree. However, I think he should maybe allow your friend to be able to stay up a little later on weekends and special holidays. When I was 14, my parents were pretty strict. My bedtime was like 9:30pm on weeknights and like 10:00 or 10:30pm on weekends. But like I said, they were really strict.
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read that link to gain a better understanding of why sleep is so important and how much is necessary.
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When I was 14 I was encouraged to be in bed by about 9pm on week days and if I wasn't by half 9 I was told to go to bed. 10pm would have been a late night. Sleep is very important for teens and adolescents.
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