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Is it normal for a man to have a low sex drive?
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I've been with my boyfriend for only two months now. He's a great guy but I'm so confused. He's shy and finds it difficult to tell me what he's thinking or feeling. I get that and am okay with it. And he's getting better which is awesome...

But here's the part that o am having trouble with. He never seems to want sex. We've done it twice and both times were initiated by him. When I try to initiate, he just doesn't seem to respond. Or if he does, it's to say he's not in the mood.

He's 28 years old but I don't think he's that experienced. Don't get me wrong...the sex was amazing, but both times it was exactly the same. So I wonder if maybe he's feeling insecure?

I don't know what to think. I know he's not cheating. Were always together and he comes from a very strict religious family and doesnt believe in it under any circumstances. I also know he cares for me a lot as he is finally starting to say these things to me. Maybe I'm just trying to rush things too much? I'm just not used o being the one who wants it more in a relationship.

Is it normal for a 28 year old man to rarely want sex?
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Some guys just have low sex drives. Nothing's wrong with them, sex is just not their end-all, be-all. Don't let society dictate that your BF should be hung like a horse and panting for it every night. That's not only ridiculous, it's unrealistic. However, maybe something's bothering him, like depression? Does he seem dissatisfied with himself or life in general? Keep an eye on how he's doing emotionally. If he seems happy, he's just not a randy fellow. Nothing wrong with that. Try to love him for who he is.
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Nothing wrong! He's a normal guy and he should be the one initiating the sex, because if the guy isn't in control, he's whipped.
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Your boyfriend is a Grey-A Heterosexual. Be proud. :)
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Are you sure you're not just really ugly?
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It might be a power struggle thing.

Try asking more subitily so he thinks it's his idea when it's really urs
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Watch out. He withholds sex. He withholds his thoughts & feelings. I agree with dax - power struggle. He isn't going to let you be his equal. You'll explain it away as insecurity, etc.. Sounds more like control. He's making the "us" in your relationship be mostly about "him." You could be right about him needing time. But watch out.
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Google ring-of-power. It works.
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hello, am 30 years old male.
when i was 27 to 30, i admit that my sex drive is low, and its normal.
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Actually, quite the opposite. Men's sexual peak is around late twenties, early thirties.
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I mean not all guys are the same, so you can't just assume all guys will have a high sex-drive. I think having less sex is a good thing, and maybe its Just you...he's not just going to fuck you when you want to, communication and body language is key in this situation lol
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28? He should be trying to hump everything. Ollieo has a good point about withholding thoughts and feelings - but because of a power struggle? Hmmm, he should be ready at will and not witholding because of a male power trip.
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