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Is it normal for a mother to be proud of her son's penis?
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So I have a young son at home, he started school not too long ago, and I have to admit that whenever I give him a bath or get him changed I always feel so proud of his "equipment." I've heard from the pediatrician since his birth that he is above average, and after babysitting my nephew, who is about the same age, I know not all boys are as "fortunate" as my son. Is it normal for a mother to feel that way about her son? I guess I'm just glad that he won't be teased in the locker room and perhaps his future girlfriends won't complain!
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so you are still bathing your son and you ogle his doodle? wow you are a sick pedo mother. dont hear about them too often.
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Nothing wrong with a mother being proud of her son's cock! My mom would always tell me what a lovely cock I had! She would bath me from head to toe,using her bare hands only! She would lather me up and slowly get lower and lower,until she reached my cock! I was 14 and spoiled rotten by my beautiful British mother! She would tell me that I was getting bigger than my own dad! She would stroke me slowly,watching my face and telling me that she was going to make sure I was clean! My mom would be sitting on the bathtub edge as she stroked me! I was looking down at her opening robe that day when she asked if I wanted her to take it off! I was 16 the day my mom got naked with me for the first time! She was so beautiful and her big,English tits were hanging heavily! She was getting wet and watching my eyes as she told me that she wanted to do this since I was a kid!! My mom asked me to get closer and slowly she pressed her little body against mine! She was so sexy,as she told me that I was going to fuck my mother now!
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It's one thing to notice it and even to think about his future once or twice....but to admire it enough to post a question on this website is a little weird. Seems you're thinking about it even when you're not bathing him. You're actually sitting there thinking about your son in a sexual manner on a regular basis. It's weird.
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You're going to be one of those awful, creepy, indulgent mothers who listens outside his bedroom door to see if he's having sex and maybe slips a condom under his door..who tries to hold his hand in public places... who thinks her son is God's gift to women...consequentially your son is going to be a whiny narcissistic spoilt asshole who is never satisfied with a woman because no one will ever indulge him as much as his mummy did. Take that from a psychology post-grad.

Also, whatever size his penis is now is no indication of what size it is going to turn out to be.
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Your poor son will never have a healthy female relationship if you keep this up.
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i agree with justsomgirl, its queer bbut ok if you stop now and think of other things that are wonderful about yr son. you cant brag aboiut that to the other mothers in playgoup and kindy
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He may simply be a shower, and not a grower.
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Your son will very quickly grow into a young man, in high school, where our insecurities get the better of us. Thank God your son has been spared the humiliation boys with small penises must endure. Girls with under developed breasts as well,

Here is the fact, you son will be a man soon and he's probably going to want to fuck everything that moves, good news for those girls, lol

girls buy big dildos, not small dildos because big penises are better.

The question is often asked incorrectly,
"does size matter to women?"
who cares if a tall thin man in a wheel chair with a PHD with a small penis is preferred to a fat hairy man who owns a shopping mall with a big one, the question is,

"which is better for a dream man?"

a penis under 6"
a penis between 6"-7"
a unusually thick 7" penis
a 8" penis
a unusually thick 8" penis
a 9" penis proportionately thick (big)

not one girl here is going to choose
a penis under 7" NOT ONE GIRL HERE!

Personally, I'd like a thick 8. If answering honestly most girls here will say the same, I'd say at least 85% want something around 8 inches.

The confidence he's going to have can hopefully be applied to a career, healthy relationships (without a man with a small penis insecure about it all the time, why woman stay with these men I will never understand)

I'd say he's hit the freaking lottery, you should be so proud, nothing matters more to a man than his willy, and he's never going to know a day of depression or anxiety about it.
He should bake you a cake every year for HIS birthday.
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wat the actual fuck are u high
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