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Is it normal for a parent to laugh when their son/daughter is upset?
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My dad has done this to us for as long as I can remember. It's extremely irritating and always makes things a lot worse. Is this a normal thing for parents to do?
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mommy i dropped my lollipop waaaahhhh


mommy i got lukemia waaaahhhh

not so funny
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That's shitty. He's probably doing that because he thinks your problems are trivial kid shit and while in the grand scheme of things that may be true, it's not trivial to you right now. A lot parents don't realize how hurtful it is to be dismissed all the time.
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Not normal for anyone to laugh at someone who's upset but particularly nasty for a parent to do that to a child of any age: it's insensitive and cruel and totally lacking in empathy.

Just make sure you don't grow up to do the same!
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@: Ellenna
I think it's pretty common for parents to dismiss children's concerns and feelings to varying degrees. The scale runs from saying stuff like 'because I said so' or 'you'll get it once you're older' to laughing and mocking to teasing to torturing to physical abuse. The mildest form, just being dismissive, is very common and 'accepted' as a way to treat kids. It's hard to find parents who treat their kids as individuals with real thoughts, imature as they may be.
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@: Ellenna
How come you never write back anymore :(
Ps I'm a gril
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I wasn't aware you'd sent anything for me to write back about: send me something I can respond to and I'll take it from there
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No, it is not normal and a very crappy thing for a parent to do. Parents are meant to be there for their children and their children are meant to be able to come to them with any problem at anytime. You are meant to be able to fully open up to parents. I am sorry your dad does this to you and I don't blame you one bit for being annoyed about it.
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It's because they are stupid and had a kid young, their parents are prolly crappy so now they are too.

He laughs because he has no idea how to help you because he was never taught.

And by doing this they are not teaching you anything either, so the cycle will continue umless you make an effort to educate yourself.
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