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Is it normal for a straight man to like anal sex?
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My man likes to play with my back door when we make love and likes me to play with his? And he always asks to make love me in the "back door", too, but I'm not sure about it. He's very anti-gay! But is it normal that he likes this kind of thing, though he's straight? Does it make him gay?
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Beat that stinkhole up. It is in no way gay that men like to have anal sex with women. I find a womans brown eye to be the sexiest part of her body. I have anal sex with my fiance atleast once a week and we both enjoy it. Every woman should give her booty to her man.
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My husband loves to have anal sex with me. He is by no means gay. I think it is normal behavior. He will not let me touch his anus though because to him that is gay eventhough I am his wife. I want to finger him back there, but he gets mad if I ask, so I Have stopped asking. I think your man is normal.
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I was going to make a gay joke, butt fuck it.
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Possibly a little bi-curious. Anti-gay expressions in mine and a lot of people i know's opinion show a need to 'prove' something. I am not anti-gay and have asked my partner to do me with a strap on, which she did. I am not gay but like her taking control of me - me exposing myself to her. Reassure him at times of anti-gayness that he has nothing to prove to you. THen when and if you are ready give him a little bit of what he wants. I wish I got it more!
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Luv to have a large penis sliding in an out of my asshole..
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Don't do it! Before you know it , he'll be off with the gay's.
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I love anal sex but it is limited. I make sure I am very clean first and he makes sure he is very clean. We enjoy mutual anal sex and vibrators.
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Why do gay/bi guys have anal sex?
Because it feels good.
Does your orientation decide what feels good?
It's perfectly normal for a guy to want stimulation back there no matter which gender he prefers. Just because he fantasizes about being penetrated in that way doesn't mean he wants a penis to do the penetrating!
I think it would please him so much if his girl could perform this as well... it gets him the complete package, you know? No need for his mind to wander to anyone else...
Also, since he's anti-gay, tell him my first four lines. It's a valid argument and it helps him realize he has nothing to be ashamed of.
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