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Is it normal for a woman to persist with humiliating her man?
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Over the recent holidays, one night I had far too much to drink and woke in the morning in a wet bed. This was very embarrassing and I was hoping to quickly forget about it.
My wife still teases me about it, even 2 weeks after. When we go to bed, she talks to me like I am her baby, asking things like "Do you think you can keep dry tonight?" and " Shall I powder you first?"
In the morning. she puts her hand between my legs to " see if I am dry"
This is humiliating and I would like both of us to forget about my accident as soon as possible. Why do you think she does this?
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ur mom
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Move into another room and ignore her, she'll stop this disgusting behavior if she's not getting a reaction from you.
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You probably just triggered a fetish she has for degradation. If you aren't enjoying it just be honest with her about your feelings, but do your best not to be judgemental about her fetish. You both need to respect each other's wants and needs, and hopefully you'll work it out.
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We don't have to psychoanalyze her here. She does it because you allow her to. Let her know that's not acceptable, like you would tell anyone else.
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she is being mean!!
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It's golden shower time. Tell you you want to feel her warm urine on your balls in the shower.
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When she starts mocking your cock , then you should worry.
Tell her to keep your cock in her mouth all night and if you pee it will only go down her throat and not all over the bed.
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Piss on her while she sleeps
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Pee in her mouth/vagina!
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Nothing wrong with any of this friend self confidence is the key I wasn't at my father inlaws house and wet the bed chase I drank to much I'm still a lush but if my wife wasn't fucking with me about it I would and do play. Back it dose not bother me a bit as peeing a bed once in a while as a lush is the least of my booze induced problems I worrie miren about getting in trouble for feeling up her friends
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You need to wet the bed on a regular basis, then she will have a reason to Baby you!
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grow a pair and do some thing about it
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