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Is it normal for a woman to tell a man she is going for a poo?
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I am a guy and I have had some women not just tell me they were going to the bathroom but tell me directly that they are off to the toilet to go for a poo. How normal is it for a woman to tell a man this?
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She is demonstrating her skill at intimacy. If you ever have a woman tell you she is going to change a tampon, that woman is a keeper.
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Thank you for your wisdom. :')
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You are quite welcome.
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Whatever they want to tell you
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When they tell me that they are going to take a big 6 - 10 inch long brownie , they ask me if I want to watch them go.
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Its not normal for anyone to make a specific remark about what they are going to do in the bathroom. Don't people know that the biggest sexual organ is the brain? Obviously not or they wouldn't make , seemingly to them, small unsexy remarks around prospective or current sexual partners.
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