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Is it normal for an OCD person to like a not so OCD person?
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My bf says he has OCD. He warned me when we first started talking. I did like it because it just meant he wasn't a dirty boy and I had to watch myself every time I'd be with him. But the more we hung out, the more nervous I got because I am not the cleanest and most organized person in the world. I am not messy but I can be clumsy. I told myself okay I can't let him find out that I can be a little messy. Eventually, he found out. When we would bring food to his room, there would be crumbs on his bed and he'd be like "look at this mess" but in a funny way. He would look at my nails and look away and I'm like "yes I know I wanna do them tommorw..." he's like "oh.." with a smile. Also, he's a perfectionist and if I wouldn't be able to do something right, he would call me out on it but again, in a funny way. For ex., we went to wash his car at a self-carwash and he told me to do something and I think I forgot to do it or didn't do it right, and he goes "I gave you one thing to do, one thing!" but again, in a funny way and then he grabs my face and kisses me. It's been a year and a half ish I think, and he is still with me no matter how many times I've fucked up something. It does irritate me cause i want him to know that I can be a clean person and he does motivate me to be better. I feel like every time, I let him down. But the thing is, he is still with me and he hasn't really told me to change but I'm pretty sure he wouldn't mind if I became more organized. So do OCD people, especially guys, like girls who are a little clumsy and disoriented? Is this a case of "opposites attract?" Do they find it cute? I feel like thats what he thinks but at the same time, sometimes he looks at me like disgusted or disappointed. Idk I'm confused.
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OCD doesn't mean clean/neat freak... Is that what you meant instead?? If so, yeah I guess opposites attract. o_ó
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Sounds like me and my boyfriend. He wants me to be more clean+organized, and I am trying. I live with him, though. He loves me, but he doesn't find it cute. Maybe funny at times.
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