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Is it normal for girls to cum A LOT???
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So i was having sex with my GF and toward the end she told me she was cumming and i was like ok im doing great and all of a sudden i got completly soaked (part of my bed too) and my reaction was to push her off and i did thinking she pissed all over me and she responded "I TOLD YOU I WAS CUMMING!!" and im just like DAMNNNN that much. I felt bad just pushing her off like that and we made up already but do all girls cum this much?? is it normal?
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All women are different I guess... and perhaps I'm one of the lucky ones.
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Yea she is one of the few women that can have a squirting orgasm, it's totally normal, good job btw
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Oh yeah, totally normal. We also cum multiple times in a short period of time, just fyi.
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She probably squirted, some women can do that.

But I don't agree with Mellox, most women can't come multiple times in a short space of time, I know I can't.
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all women can squirt,most are just afraid to because they think they are going to piss instead
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Ohhh boy! You've found a winner mate! She's a keeper! Great job by the way! I wish my gal can soak me up like that! One can only dream! But you! Are the man! Cheers!
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