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Is it normal for girls to touch themselves a lot?
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Everybody knows guys masturbate. fact. but you bring up the topic with girls and it's like eeew nooo! i don' t know any other girls that masturbate. So i wonder do they really not? are they actually being honest when they insist it's digusting? Am I wierd? i masturbate a lot. like everyday, when i'm alone it's subconscios that i've always got my hand there unless i need two hands for something else. not everyday but quite often i really go for an orgasm and hump stuff. and i look at porn at least 3 times a week on aveage.

am i wierd? c'mon it's only what the average guy would do... why is it so wierd for girls?
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Those girls are liars.
I'm a girl and I masturbate.
I dont care about telling people that I do because everyone fucking does it.
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i do so much and have a bf

am a lady and cannot stop watching pregnancy hardcore porn and having a good masturbate to it all.
Its gotten to the point where I had to buy (and now wear) a 9 months practise pregnant belly suite to do the job it fells so much better than stuffing myself and the best thing I brought. I love wearing it while watching pregnancy hardcore porn or stuff re pregnancy on TV or YouTube then masturbate rubbing a bath towel in-between my fanny and crossing my legs, when no one is around. Has anyone else brought one of these practise pregnant belly suite? I am thinking of wearing my suite one day around my village to see if any looks at me and to see how much turned on I get.

I too cannot see women, friends, family members or teachers pregnant in real life without being wet below and sexily aroused.I believe I would have to see something about pregnancy to get me in the mood before sex God I am so turned on now I need to go masturbate good and hard, as I am very wet too. View my story to read more!
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I don't think it's that weird. I masturbate a lot too, and I'm a girl. I probably watch/read porn every day too.
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They're lying.
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You're not weird at all!
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lol soooo many girls masturbate. just stay on this site for awhile and rad the stories. you'll realize just how normal you are!
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Its probably normal. most of the girls at my school say they dont either but girlfriends have told me they did so most girls probably do.
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haha hell yeah brahh, i know mad girls that masturbate haha, totally normal in my books.
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im definatly am a girl, and i do! a lot! i enjoy it. especiallg rubbing my clit the stopping right before an orrrrgasm. its like sex!
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That's quite normal. My GF looks at porn and masturbates 3-5 times a week.
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I wish I would catch my woman masturbating that would be so hot! But I always get caught and its embarresing
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It has gotten to the point where I had to buy a 9 months practise pregnant belly suite which I had to give up in March 2013, since my one and only bf found it and took to a charity shop. However I never really said that I had brought it or why. I feel empty without it.

I loved to still act very very fat and pregnant too wearing tight clothes (sometimes I wear an old swimming suite stuffed to the max) and a very tight belt. It does not feel the same anymore, and does not feel like I am carrying a baby.
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ugly comments.
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i wanna have sex with any girl
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