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Is it normal for high school sweethearts to get married after college
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Say a couple have been going out since they were juniors in high school and they're freshmen in college right now. What are the chances of them getting married to each other? More than 50% or less than 50%? They go to different colleges.
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Comments (10)
Not a chance since they go to different schools. Eek. I'll say 5% chance to last 4 years to get married.
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Nobody can answer that. It is very individual. Some do, some don't only time will tell.
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Depends ln the couple but there always is a chance of staying together
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Its a pretty silly idea.
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Assuming that we know NOTHING else about the couple, it's way lower than 50%.

But I definitely know of a few couples like this who are engaged right now.

In one of them, the girl is an absolute basketcase and has cheated on him multiple times, but yeah none of us ever doubted that they would get married. Just cause we know how they are.
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it depends on the people.if they both really love each other then they can get married.or if it was only a teenage thing and anyone of them gets attracted towards someone else then NO
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This ghost of the Marlboro guy is cracking me up!
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If they do get married they will be split within 32 years.
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Totally depends on the people. I'm more on the optomistic side so I will say YES! It's 100% possible. If they're committed enough.
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Yes and smoke on the wedding night.
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