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Is it normal for him to ask me to make his pic my whatsapp dp??
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Last night my best male friend gave me a dare where I had to make his pic my whatsapp dp. I did it but as there was no time limit mentioned so I chnged it the nxt day morning.
He was glad that I did d dare. But on the same hand he asked me if I will be able to make his pic my whatsapp dp for the next 2 days, if I was asked to do so. Well as he is my friend so I think I can do it..but there are chances that my other closed ones specially my relatives and cousins might doubt us and think that he is my boyfriend. I want to know..why did my bestie asked me to do this?? Is this normal? And wil it be ok if I keep his pic as my whatsapp dp for more than a day? Any Girls opinion?
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*enters the grayish blue seal internet meme that shouts "gaaaaaaay"*
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Tell him to fuck off! That's a stupid dare. I'd double dog dare him to do something interesting like... well Hell... anything's gotta be better than his lame dare. Ask him what's in it for you? He sounds like a little asshole who's full of himself. Don't feel obligated to humor him.
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Just don't do it. Sounds suspicious and he might have an ulterior motive for it. Maybe to prove something to someone? Dunno.
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Double Penetration?
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maybe he wanted you to know in a weird way that hey i kinda wanted to see her responce and if hes been your friend for a long time like i have one he might be proving a point
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Wats d point??-can u explain a bit please
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