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Is it normal for him to react this way?
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I was struggling whether I should talk to my future baby daddy older brother about expecting a child and that he will soon be an uncle.. To my surprise he was excited and all, congratulating me about the baby etc.. I went ahead and told him that his brother isn't ready and not really happy about it.. I also told him that we are not even together..he dint seem to care about all that.. He was just happy not sure why.. I kinda feel relieved that he reacted different from what I expected.. Is the brother's reaction to the baby news normal?

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Maybe he the baby daddy and not the baby daddy brother?
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Your urban trailer park upbringing is showing.
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His brother might be the real babby daddy
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Lol.. Funny comments :-D
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Sounds like you slept with the wrong brother. Just kidding... I dunno, maybe your baby daddy's brother is a nicer guy than your baby daddy?
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