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Is it normal for me to be using meth? I'm addicted
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I use meth to mask the pain of my traumatic past. I'm trying to quit and get away from the stuff but it hasn't been easy... Have you ever used meth? Do you still use it? If not, what helped you to quit? How did you quit? Do you have any advice for me? Thanks in Advance - John
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I'm really sorry that you're going through this.

If you're in the US, you can call an anonymous drug addiction helpline at (800) 821-4357. You can use google to find support groups and rehab referrals in your area. Stay away from Narconon, though: it's a scientologist front group, and they will NOT help you.

My best friend found this blog, where a woman talks about her experience with recovery from meth addiction:

If you're not in the US, let me know, and I can try to find resources in the country you live in.

I hope that helps. I wish you the best.
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You're halfway there, acknowledging you have a problem and deciding that you need to quit is half the battle.

A friend of mine wore a rubber band on his wrist and would snap it every time he thought of meth.

Most people find they smoke a shitload more weed when they quit.

Shot glasses of sparkling mineral water can give a decent replacement rush.

The shits more-ish isn't it? Quittings the best thing thing you can do though mate so good luck with it.
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Google meth mouth :\
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Age ten years for every year? That's how it looks
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My dad quit heroin through the NA program. Find a program near you and get a sponsor. It's not easy and it's good to have a support system. Try to get away from anything that might trigger your addiction and get away from the source of your drugs.
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I have a good friend who recovered a severe meth addiction after having a daughter and wanted to straighten up. He is now very sucessful where before he was ruining his life. I know several people who seem to not be able to quit the habit however. It takes a lot of commitment to quit an addiction but I guarentee it will be worth it. Maybe try going to rehab. Also remind yourself about how much better you will do in life and how you can also be a good role model for others who are in your situation if you quit.
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It's normal to get addicted to something which makes you feel good in the short term even if its highly addictive, toxic and emotion-suppressing.

You need referral to a rehabilitation facility, that would be your best bet. Go see a doctor and explain your addiction, they will help.

It's easy to take the quick fix but truth is all that pain comes circling back ten fold, not to mention the detriment to your mental and physical health when taking methamphetamine.

Its alot harder to admit you have a problem (which is more than most can say) and you have already done that. seeing a physician is your best bet and long term support will definitely increase your chances Of recovery and decrease your chances of relapse
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I really hope you quite! My Aunt died when I was Rouget, from a heroin overdose. She left two kids as orphans(she did not know who the father(s) were). Those kids grew up to be drug addicts themselves, part of the reason was because growing up they saw their Mom always doing it. Unfortunately they have kids, some of them were taken away, but some of them were't A few are my age and a little younger. Guess what, five our of six are also drug addicts. . My Mom tried to help my too cousins when they were young. But you have to help yourself too! If you can't quite for yourself, if you have children, at least quite for them! You are also in my prayers! God bless you!
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I've smoked it a handful of times but mainly have done lines. I don't see how you could become addicted, all it does is keep me up all night. There's no different feeling to me except not sleeping and you feel like shit when you come down.
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Smoke pot, chuck the meth. The shit kills you.. The only thing stopping you from stopping is yourself, just stop. Not tomorrow, not next week, immediately.
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There are probably better sites for this question. I don't know how much help we can be.
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Using drugs to escape from your problems will not make the problems disappear. Potentially it can bring in array of different problems on yourself.

Yes I agree, there must be another site that would be able to help you.
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I've done lots of meth. But it's heroin that I can't get away from.
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I used for 17 years everyday. I left the state I lived in and went to stay at a longtime childhood friends house. He never used but was very helpful with his hospitality, I stayed for a month, there was no way to score dope there and so it helped with the mental addiction and it was actually very easy to quit. you can use if there is nothing to use. You have to get far away from the "circle" or you will never stop. Your downtime will only be a few days and your motivation for living will return after a month or so....if you are far away from the "circle" it is so much easier then you think it will be. Get away from the people or you will never quit.
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I use it from time to time when I have serious sorting out to do in my own mind. It's a time consuming retreat so it works.
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No way fuck meth how could u even
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Well today it's sorting out, but tommorow it's snorting and dying like trout.
Meth. Not even once.
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I've never done that shit cause I don't want to mess up my teeth and bones! I think you said it all when you said, "I use meth to mask the pain of my traumatic past." You can't heal your pain when you mask it and can't feel it. I would say to try to find a way to go to some kind of rehab or at the very least start going to Narcotics Anonymous meetings. Also I would highly suggest that you see a therapist to address the original trauma that caused you to turn to hard drugs.
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U wanna feel good fuck meth pop a Molly or some e that make u feel good know you can't go gold turkey so try sumtin new fuck it if u use meth you already on some yolo shit
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You need to get some help, before it is too late! There are a lot of place that you can detox! Please stop! People die from this! You are in my prayers!
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You need an entire new environment, friends, job, place to live, and social places. The definition of stupidity "Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results." Dont take that wrong, Im not calling anyone stupid, thats just the way I heard the saying. And yes, Meth is a MF to get away from and stay away from. Good Luck to you. Remember, Someone can only do to you what you allow them to. If you allow someone to bring drugs or meth into your world, then you have no one else to point the finger at.
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Myself, I have done "drugs" off and on for years, partly because, like many, trying to mask or get past sexual trauma, but then also I am a crossdresser and doing the drugs shoots my sex drive into overdrive, and well, enough said.
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the only way you can quit is for you to really want to do it for your self not because someone else wants you to quit when you are ready you would know trust me i been there myselfe.
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nothing to worry about, meth will always be there for you.

Friends and family? fuck them, they come and go. But meth mmmmm... always there and feels so good.
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