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Is it normal for me to fall in love with my 14 year old stepdaughter ?
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some one please tell me what to do here ?
ive been married for 5 years she has a 12 year old son and 14 year old girl from her previous marrige.Myself and my 14 year old stepdaughter have always had a good relationship were more like best mates than step dad and step daughter i think this is were its all started shes now slowly turning into a women and i have now definatly fallen deeply in love with her i just cant bare to be without her in the day time i have to sit with her on the couch so i can be close enough to her its the strongest feeling of love ive ever had for anyone it aint lust its love and i think its pretty obvious i told my sister i was in love with another girl and i was thinkin of leaving my wife obvoiusly i didnt tell her it was my 14 year old stepdaughter i didnt need to she just twigged right away and i dont know were she got it from.i think that she loves me in the same way as i do shes just as clingy to me as i am to her she to will go out of her way to sit with me on the couch and cuddle up for hours asking me to stroke her leg and back i catch her sometimes looking at me like starring at me.....all i wana do is make the right decision yer yer i know im not allowed to touch her but ive only got 2 years before i can so what do i do ? do i tell my stepdaughter how i feel should i tell her im in love with her ? should i ignore my feelings and carry on with the torture ? or shall i leave my wife and forget about my stepdaughter all together ? i will say this i dont love my wife i would leave her in a flash im only still here with her becasue im in love with my stepdaughter....please dont judge honest comments please thank you
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There is actually a name and cure for your condition. It's called slimeballitis and the cure is castration.

You are in need of serious help. First of all, your wife, with whom you exchanged vows, doesn't deserve this, and you don't deserve her. Secondly, her daughter doesn't deserve you, and you certainly do not have what it takes to be called a Dad. What a child needs is a caregiver/protector/guardian, not a pleasure-seeking/predator/slimeball like you doing something stupid that will require her to spend lots of time in therapy.

What you need to do is be honest with your wife, let her kick you out, and let her keep everything.

In the meantime, keep your hands off of her daughter, go crawl back under the rock you came from, and stay there.

That is the end of tonight's rant.
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thanks for all your comments just to let you know i will be doing the right thing im leaving tomorow i didnt need the nasty comments all i needed was advice and a liitle push in the right direction so before i even read your comments id already decided to leave on my own accord oh and bye the way id love you to say that to me in person id put you in hospital for a very long time
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i would happily say that to your face you are pathetic
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Well confused guy by your use of the word mate I'd wonder if you were the same guy who wrote a similar story with revising gender roles, idk if this was you , & are just trying for reactions, but my honest advice or comment THANK GOD you decided to leave on your own, because your stepdaughter is to young to make/ understand the right from wrong & while your & her feelings feel very real they are very wrong & you as the adult have to make her understand that., also you might want to tell your wife for many reasons, 1the daughter might have a thing for older men thus scaring her or turning her out 2she probably still loves u & is confused as to wat she did wrong but if she knew the truth that could help,.
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you do know that is pedophelia
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Whoa. That is a situation
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Wait... I forgot one thing...


Now I'm done with the rant.

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Wait 4 years then hit it.
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HAH! I hope her mommy doesn't read this or you are screwed..and not in the good way. I think you need to leave the house and go live in a tent, by yourself.
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ok, i know you already chose your desidion... and im in total agreement for what you did. it wasnt fair to treat ur ex wife like that. But anyway, all i wanted to say, was i dont think you were in love with her. i think you had a strong emotional attraction to her, called love. but you werent IN LOVEwith her. example:i love my stepfather to pieces. but im not in love with him... Does that make sense to anyone?????
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NOT THAT IM SAYING YOU TREATED HER BADLY... i just meant that it wasnt nice to keep this big secret from her... PLEASE DONT PUT ME IN THE HOSPITAL FOR A VERY LONG TIME!!!!!!!! im only 15, i know i shouldnt be on here, but i wanted to put in my imput, and i hope this helps you, even though uv already done the physical part. i dont think that ur former step daughter felt a physical attraction. but i believe she loved you. i love my step father.
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Not normal...this is pedophilia...she is under the age of 16...sicko
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I know I'm late at this but to be complety honest I think it's normal. Being in love with a 16 year old doesn't make you a pedophile it's different if you don't love a person and do sexual events with them I am actually in a relationship with my stepfather and we've been together for years now
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ACCIDENTILY kill your wife.
Take the daughter on a trip around the US, making her perform sex acts in seedy hotels.
Wait, this isn't Lolita?!
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