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Is it normal for me to get offended on him?
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Since 1 year we both have been best friends. we text eachother daily. even though since past few months we have become a little flirtatious..but we totally value our friendship. And i believe that showing some affection to him isnt wrong. He did it too at times. but we take it in a very friendly way. the thing is sometimes he makes me feel as if i m the one who is interested in him which is not the case. I m a very affectionate girl and when it comes to my best friend (means the guy i m talking about), i do show him that too..because i really never considered anyone so close to me..and i also believe that friends do love eachother but it doesnt mean it has to be in a romantic way. so for me its natural.
Infact most of the time he accepts these gladly for example when i text him xoxo, or a pic of rose, etc. which shows some kind of affection/love for a friend, he responds to these gladly. he even had texted back those same things to me few days back.
But sometimes his behavior changes completely. Like yesterday i wished him good morning with a pic of rose , i thought it shouldnt be a big deal that i sent him that as we both understand our bonding very well. But to my surprise he said in a playful way that roses are for gf' better dont mention this..!
I felt bad bcoz i really didnt wanted to mean this. he took it in a wrong way this time i dont know why bcoz earlier also when we sent & exchanged such things, he didnt had any problem.
But his this type of behavior seriously sometimes makes me feel as if i m a chaser or trying to pursuing him.
I feel insulted because i m not this type of a girl.
What do u guys think abt this?? Girls, what would u have felt if someone did the same with you? And tell me how should i treat him

Please reply!!
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Maybe stop being so flirty. Intentional or not, being flirty sends mixed messages.

If he has a girlfriend, you may want to rethink how you talk to him.
If not, do whatever you want.
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Yes I will..nd no he is single. We are best friends..And he most probably likes me. But it really bothers me when he mentions girls in our conversations. Not bcoz I m jealous or something but I really hate such guys who does this nd play mind games by mentioning other girls to make her feel jealous or bad. I m not that type of a girl who will fall for anybody or wil mention guys. So I hate it when my bestie says such things like he wil say: "wat a beautiful girl he saw today, or if he sees my sister's pic he wil say if they r free thn do fix us both..I m single" etc etc. May b hez saying jokingly but seriously I hate this thing of guys. Instead of making me jealous it only makes him sound like a pervert and a flirt.
And,when he likes me thn I believe that atleast he shud respect me to sme extent.
Wat do u think?
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There's a chance he's saying those stuff because the two of you are friends. He feels comfortable enough joking like that with you or is giving a hint. Hard to say.

It depends on if the joke comes off in an awkward tone or if he's genuinely laughing while he makes it. If it's the latter, then he's just joking with you.
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Actually we only text eachother coz we live in 2 different cities but yaa its pretty hard to say exactly why he does this with me but I got an idea now..thanks :-)
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I sometimes will get offended with my brother while fucking my dog and he wont join in
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