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Is it normal for me to not want my boyfriend constantly touching me?
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Things have been pretty good with my boyfriend, but recently he has not stopped touching me when we are together. He constantly has his arm around my shoulder, wants to hold my hand, tickles me or does whatever else to constantly keep one of his hands on me. The other day I was sleeping in the car on our drive back from an amusement park and he kept putting his hand on my knee and lightly tickling it even though he saw I was asleep. Also when he is with me watching a movie or taking a walk and he has his arm around me, he kisses my head every few minutes. I don't know if he realizes it or not, but it is really annoying the heck out of me because I feel that I need my personal space and I don't like how he is persistently touching me. It feels like he wants to constantly be near to me and if that isn't clingy, I don't know what is. Is this normal for me to not want him to touch me all the time?
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Well maybe he's insecure that sum1 will check u out if he doesn't "stake his claim" u kno? It's a guy...who knows...and they say GIRLS are strange
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yes. He really loves you, but is showing is almost smotheringly. Just be like "Baby, please let me sleep (or I'm trying to concentrate on the show)" and say it with humbleness and he should be able to get the hint and not get offended.
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If he does this after you have told him how you feel then his problem is that he can't listen and you should end the relationship. If you have not told him, then despite all the touching,you two are quite out of touch.
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And when he kills himself call the cops. Problem solved
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Ide say that is pretty normal and am embarrassed to say I have been guilty of it. If he is like me, and it sounds like he is, he is just really into you and likes being around you. Try talking to him instead of just breaking it off like my ex did to me.
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Just enter a suicide pact with him
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There Are A Few Answers For This Scenario.
1.He Thinks Your The Hottest, Sexiest And Most Gorgeous Girl In The World And He Wants To Eat You Before You Get Cold.
2.He Is To Comfortable With You The Next Thing He'll Want Is For You To Breast Feed Him.(Creepy)
3.He Just Wants To Get In Your Mini Skirt.
4.The Dude Needs To Get Help Because If You Break Up With Him He'll Kill Him Self.

You Can't Predict What We Guys Will Do Next So Carry Pepper Spray Incase He Wants To All The Way And Take You Away.
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Maybe he did something he should have done and now he feels bad? Or he could just be worried that you dont feel the same so he does that to reasure himself that your working out. Or he could just really really love you?
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Normal. If u don't like the touching, tell him.
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