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Is it normal for men to ask female friends for dating advice?
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Is it normal for men to ask female friends for dating and self-improvement advice? Well is it?
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Of course its normal
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Sadly, many fishermen have drowned at the recommendation of fish.
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I've recieved advice from a woman that actually got me to ask a girl out much more easily. I never knew how to start, but she simply said to compliment her on her outfit and introduce yourself. EZPZ.
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I often asked my sister for dating advice. She was more than happy to help me. Problem was that she gave me terrible advice.

In large groups, I notice that the women gravitate toward the "sperm dogs". These are guys that show a bit of skin, a bit of hair, and a bit of swagger.
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My guy best friend does that with me all the time! and its really comforting to know his currect crush bc that way I know he doesnt have a crush on me lol

Plus, if you're looking for girl advice, who better to ask than a woman!
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It matters not where you obtain your advise, as long as it is sound advise and put to good use.

You should not obtain advise to use it to your advantage though, as that would be seen as underhanded by the female species and they will take revenge if you are caught out!
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