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Is it normal for men to pat the lower back of other men?
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Be it friend, family, or just stranger? This has occurred quite a few times in my life so far, and it's really annoying me.
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That's unusual. I've seen males pat each other's backs before, but it was always the upper or middle back . I'd say not necessarily normal. Maybe they just have poor arm aim or perhaps they have secret feelings, but that may be a stretch.
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if by lower back you mean butthole, then yes
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My husband does it to my brother and our son .probably a man thing but pats me on the ass
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is yall in the mob?
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I forgot to mention, part of the hand would actually brush the top of the butt crack. This is where I find it so strange and disturbing. Of all the parts you can touch (like the shoulder or the upper back), why the lower back, or even the top part of the crack? I thought heterosexual men (who would usually be the ones to do this to me) would be interested in touching women's butts or lower back/waist, not other men's. What is the possible logical explanation behind this behavior?
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Another thing: I'm an introvert, so maybe some men think they have the right to touch that part of the body. They do this at the most unexpected moments, so I couldn't defend myself from it. Bullies had done this, some adults, a fellow graduate student, and just yesterday, the father of a groom (who was ironically an introvert too until he got successful and found a decent-looking wife) who is a great-uncle or something on my mom's side. I hope I'm just overreacting, but this is getting ridiculous.
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Do they want to suck you off do you think?
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