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Is it normal for my bf to watch me masterbait?
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I'm quite a...sexual girl, and i masterbait quite often. Lately though my bf will come home and ask me to masterbait for him. I dont really mind, but is it normal?
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If he asks and you don't want to do it then its weird
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I watch my gf masturbate too. Real turn on for me... I think its normal
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Its cool but it just drives me crazy after a little.
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Of course it is normal. ^^

Seing other people masturbating is one of the most common turn on's I think.

(if you go search p*rn videos they are full of it)

It can have some problems if he asks it very often and you don't get that much excited for it. Other way, I don't see anything "wrong".

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Yeah! Does he's masturbate for you too?
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