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Is it normal for my boyfriend to choose his friends?
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Me and my boyfriend have been dating for 3 mos and hes always choosing his friends over me. i get so sad abt it then we fight abt it. he says they r like family,, but id choose him over my family anyday. he says he loves me and i love him soo much. it friggen sucks and his friends all have girlfriends and hang out with their gfs other than my bf. do boys usually choose their friends over their gf or is it juss me?
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My boyfriend spent most of his free time with me when we 1st started dating. Now that we've been together 5yrs, we both spend more time with our friends. On the other hand, I dated a guy that had comittment issues and would spend most of his time with his friends. I think it's something that's based on personality type & past experiences. U guys have only been together 3 months- not very long. I would be patient with him & allow him the space he needs. Not get angry about it & I'm sure the more time that passes & he sees that u accept him the way he is, he will want to spend more time together. Having this time to spend with ur own friends is a good thing. I feel that my relationship is healthiest when we have seperate lives going on in that way. Less fighting, and the time we do spend together is more meaningful.
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I loveeeee that me and my boyfriend hang out with out friends. One, you guys have been dating three months. That's nothing. Two, if you spend too much time with someone then you can never miss them. Three, friends are always gonna be there for you. I mean he shouldn't exactly ditch you, but you shouldn't fight with him about it. I like my boyfriend a lot, but I would choose my friends over him because me and my friends have gone through so much.
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i mean choose his friends over me lol
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Well, you have only been dating for 3 months. Chances are, he's had his friends longer. To be honest, I wouldn't say you should have a ground in this relationship for at least a year. That's just my opinion.
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@: wreckd
Agreed, plus what happens if he rejects all of his friends for you and you two (touch wood it doesn't happen) split up? You should never lose your friends because of a relationship, and you should take advantage of this and be with your friends more, best of both worlds!
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Females dont understand men alot which is why men like to be with male friends because only another male can understand a male.
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You're his girlfriend. He's (possibly) going to spend his life with you, not his friends so to not show you that kind of deference is a slap in the face.

You two need to sit down and talk about this and how he would feel if you chose your girlfriends over him. Be ready to dump him.
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I know how you feel. It does suck, but all you can do is try not to freak out about it or anything because it'll just push him away or make you seem clingy. When he's with his friends go hangout with your friends. When you two hangout you could always try talking about it. Just don't get angry and if he starts getting mad or annoyed then just leave it alone until a different time that you think might be okay.
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