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Is it normal for my classmate girl to always touch my penis?
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There is a girl in my cless, who likes to touch n feel n grab my penis. She says, she started liking the feel of my penis,after once accidentally she touched it. Now she grabs or atleast touches it whenever she gets a chance. She says she has not tried n dont wanna try it with any other guys, but only me. I'v nvr objected to her doing so, as i really enjoy it. IS it normal?
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When you get out of kindergarden things will change.
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Well um, are you guys actually doing the touchy touchy DURING class time because if so teachers aren't as stupid or oblivious as they seem. Y'all may want to cover up or get a room. A hand job is a hand job, if she wants to do it and you enjoy it then just go with it.
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She probably likes you. Try to kiss her one day or something.
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you should grab her tits to see her reaction she wants it give it to her
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