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Is it normal for my dad to get changed infront of me?
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I'm a 21yr old girl and live with my dad and 2brothers. We're all close but ovbiously in a nonsexual nature.... well anyways my dad just gets changed in the living room, like form day clothes to work clothes but today he came downstairs in his bathrobe and picked his underwear from the radiator and started putting them on infront of me! lol I never seen his bit, but told him to change in his room is he's putting pants on, we laughed and he went to his room to do is.... well is that normal or are we a lill devils rejects/Disfunctional? Please share.....
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Comments (15)
Its quite normal, nudity within the the family is ok.
as long as it dosnt lead to incest.
Hes seen you naked all your life, changing nappies ect.
just tell him, your not comfortable seeing him naked.
unless you are.
my daughter is 21, shes always walking around naked, i have to tell her to get dressed.
when she sees me naked, she just laughs, she has a big boyfriend, lol
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@: ChrisOx
You're dad probably doesn't realize he's offending you. Not too weird though.

And as for ChrisOX, that's weird buddy. You shouldn't be looking at your daughter naked. Boundaries my friend, boundaries.
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Nothing wrong with it, hes your dad. Get over it, there is noone closer to you than your mum and dad.
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Dads are just weird and funny like that. Like someone else stated hes seen you naked all your life, changed your diapers and wiped your butt lol so he probably thinks nothing of it. You tod him to go in his room and he did. No big deal , just a funny damily moment.
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you should grab his weiner and see what he does. then put it in your mouth.
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umm.. it is a bit strange, but it just shows how close you are to your family which is great :)
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Betch-pleasse I totally agree with u :)
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your dads not getting
good action from mommy
so now it's your turn for a whirl
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not really weird, but uncommon.
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My dad gets changed infront of me too besides underwear.Maybe he just didnt notice you were there but if he did i dont know its not normal
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It's normal but in today's society everything just has to do with sex, huh? Since when did changing, nudity, sitting on a lap, etc. mean sex and sex only? People are just dirty-minded. Your dad changing in front of you just means he's changing in front of you. Not seducing you. Holy cows.
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this doesn't sound too's okay to change infront of your kids when they're like three years old or younger, but after that it becomes inapropriate.
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Not normal.
Tell him you aint comfy with it and ask him to never repeat it again.
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