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Is it normal for my husband to want me to have sex with a hung black m
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While watching a porno recently my husband said he would like to watch me have sex with another man, especially a hung black man. Since then he has said several times how much he would enjoy watching me fuck a big black cock. He asked me if i would do this for him.
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Maybe he love you so much that he wants you to feel extra pleasure.
I would appreciate the gift.
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When sometimes we have a friend over and we think he is a nice person and we feel affection for him--> I invite him to touch her. Then they start kissing and she ends up with the 2 of us in her. She is "very happy". I honestly don't see anything strange. I wanna give her maximum pleasure. I'm always listening to her with my heart to understand what she'd likes. I'm not insecure: I'm good lover for her. But enough is never enough.
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Only if you want to. It's really nobody elses call as long as everyone involved is above age of consent.
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Ultimately your decision. But I'll just point out that it is not an unusual desire. It is one of the most common occurrences of sexual 'fetishism' (cause I can't think of a more appropriate word). The desire to watch, I suppose.
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Not something I would ever allow to happen in my relationship, but if that's what he wants, and your okay with it, go for it. It could be a great way for you to break the everyday norm of marriage while being something he really enjoys. Hell you might even make some "hung black guys" day along the way.
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i can do that for him lol
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it depends on the relationship. i have a open relationship with my girl. i have watched her with other men and she has watched me with other women. It's not for everyone so don't knock it if you are not into it. it's very normal because we find partners all the time.
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I don't know how normal it is. I do know that the thought of watching my gf (who is HOT) getting fucked by a bbc is really hot. I don't know why, I just think it is.
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Not normal, as far as I'm concerned, any man that lets another man fuck his wife has no respect for her or himself, but thats just my opinion.....
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And I agree to the above comment...
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Believe they call that cuckold, letting other men fuck your wife.

I believe the fantasy involves the man being eager to feel emasculated by an "alpha male." I feel bad for you. You got yourself a guy that probably has low self esteem in the bedroom.
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He just wants to see you enjoy yourself.
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Go for it. I'm bi w/m and would love some big black cock. yum
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