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Is it normal for my husband to want me to humiliate him during sex?
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My husband likes dirty talk during masturbation and asks me often to humiliate him. He has the fantasy of watching me with a black man. He's very secure in his masculinity but I am afraid of going to far (the last thing I want to do is humiliate him). How do I please him without hurting him or our relationship? I've never heard of a man wanting to be humiliated but I hope its not so abnormal.
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He is leaning towards the "Fem-Dom" fetish. Alot of exects and powerful men are into it, so its normal. At least he is asking you to do it, what do you have to loose?
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This is more common and normal than many realize. You can use this to your advantage by agreeing to go along with what he wants (degradation and black lover) by telling him he must prove to you that this is what he wants.

Come up with a trigger word like (blacked or black sex) and tell him when he hears that word to immediately ask you what he can do for you. If he does it then your advantages has just begun.

Make him wash dishes or mop or whatever else you want done. If he obeys every time and enough times to prove his loyalty to this and to you then have fun with it and the rest of it.
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He wants you to get a lover and he wants ti be castrated.. Tell him as a joke... He will say yes
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It's what Vetterman said and it's a normal sexual desire for some people. Some men like to be dominated by women, some women like to be dominated by men and vice versa.

It's part of the whole masochistic fetish thing, like wanting someone to tell you what to do and control you.
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Normal and common
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It is perfectly normal most of the guys want to be humiliated from there wifes because this way they feel that they have something that they don't deserve.. something superior and perfect.. make him believe that you are doing him a favor to fuck with him and you will conquer his mind
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Yes it is normal.

Women are the superior sex, and all he wants to do is demonstrate his devotion to you by inviting you to dominate him, and use him for your pleasure in any way you may wish.

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