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Is it normal for my mother to constantly call me a freak?
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No matter what I do, she always finds something to complain at me for. And it's nearly always the same insult. She likes to call me a 'freak' or something of the sort. Because I have awful social skills and have never had friends, and don't enjoy the sorts of things most teenagers seem to love (like parties, sports games, shopping, etc). I'm 18, by the way.

I'm going to university later this year and she delights in telling me how she thinks I won't cope with it and how everyone there will think I'm a freak or a weirdo. The reason I'm going is to get a good education, get the chance to move away and be independant and to have a good experience whilst I'm there. Not purely to act like an idiot for four years of my life.
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Perhaps your mother contributes to your lack of social skills. It's not normal for her to call u a freak. It's good that your moving away maybe you'll be better off socially.
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What happened during her childhood could be a factor in this situation. If she constantly blames you for the awkwardness you experience, you should try asking her what her childhood was like, and propose that it may be her fault. If she answers logically and apologizes, you may have solved the problem, if she avoids it completely, press the subject, if she does something "crazy", she may be affected by a personality disorder.

Hope you and your mom can resolve this!
- Knowing Individual
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Mom's a bitch. Sorry bro.

But it needed to be said.
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I'm think it's great that you are such a strong person! Your mother should not be calling you that. Simply she is wrong and you are right. Good luck at college!
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You are not a freak and your mother should be ashamed of herself.

I honestly think the sooner you are away from her, at college, you'll find yourself blossoming and being much more able to be yourself. I can't imagine her criticisms have done much to help you.

Best of luck! :D
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I'd call your mom a bitch but I don't want to offend you.
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Just get away from her; this type of behavior is only going to harm your self confidence. Just remember that her actions are only some type of defense mechanism for unhappiness she is experiencing. So, you should pity her. Go have fun in college, learn and become more comfortable with who you are-- and have a blast.
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I admire you for your strong sense of self. You will have a terrific time in college meeting new friends that have similar interests to you. I'm sorry your mother is so hateful towards you, but now is your chance to live life exactly the way you want to with no constraints! I wish you much happiness!
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i like what all the posters have said before me but it would be good if you could say this to her " you sound like you dont love me when you say mean things to me" if she responds with a "but" in the sentence say " No ifs or buts, do you love me?" be proud of yourself no matter what
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Your mother's a bitch. Plain and simple. Just ignore her when she talks like that. Hopefully she ain't stupid too and catch on that you don't appreciate her talking to you like that.

Well good on you that you want to get an education! Fuck you mom, and good luck with college!
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Your mom is probably pissed because she never had a good child hood and wishes she could live through yours. Take this opportunity to go to school and make friends and enjoy yourself. My first year of college I moved out and didn't make any friends. I regret it now. Along the lines, you'll find your niche and you wouldn't have to worry about what your mom thinks.
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my mom thought that about me too but she wasn't as much of a bitch about it. good luck in college.
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is it just me or does it sound like a girl wrote this? either way thats just fucked up your mom can suck it good luck on your education
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I hit yes (im sorry I didn't mean to) but hey keep your chin up. Try to have fun in college and try to make a few close friends then you'll have fun!forget about all the mean words and just try to smile.
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At least, she's not telling you that you're a failure, that you've giving up on life, and so on all because you have some health Issues and you didn't live up to her outrageous expectations!!!!

It's not normal at all that she calls you this. I wouldn't be surprised if your lack of social skills were caused by her and her name calling.
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Your mother is a rational woman who refuses to fake reality for you. Learn to accept what you are, and don't ask others to lie, just to help artificially boost your self-esteem.
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