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Is it normal for my neighbor to peek through his window to look at me?
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Well just recently I've noticed my younger neighbor, he is about 16 and I am 20, peeking through his bedroom window in my backyard while I'm outside. And truth be told I am not completely positive that that he is looking at me, it could just be coincidence. But I have noticed several times when I am outside on my back porch that he is looking through his window. I am not very pretty so I don't think he is peeking to look at me but I just don't know what he is looking at? Is it normal? And should I do anything about this or should I just ignore it?
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Prettiness is in the eye of the beholder, not the beheld.

And, to a 16 year old boy, all 20 year old girls are worthy of peeping at.
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Maybe he's a voyeur lol
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He could just enjoy string at people while they don't know it. ;) Sometimes I watch my neighbors just because it makes my feel secretive and such
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ewww, i mean if it were just out of curiousity like "normal" people, he'd just peek real quick and try not to make it obvious. but really looking if it bothers you do something about it.
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Alfred Hitchcock got aroused by just staring at people *and I don't mean someones' naughty bits while they're not looking, that's normal*
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He's a teenage boy...hormones gone wild...girl outside... = normal
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hahaha, i hope you close your blinds when youre in your room.

I had one of my neighbors do that to me when I was around 11-13. But he was married and around his 30s
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First of all, obviously you enjoy it! Second of all you say you're unattractive, enjoy it! Third, web-cam it, get rich, enjoy it!
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Peeping Tom.

Unless, he's looking at you 24/7 or using binoculars, I don't think there's really anything you can do. Keep your guard up.
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Teenagers cast a wide net, sometimes you get a tuna, other times you get an old boot.
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