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Is it normal for my poo to smell burnt?
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This doesnt happen a lot, just sometimes. but my poo smells burnt. i dont eat much junk food and i changed my diet to see if this made a difference but every now and then it smells burnt. does anyone else have this problem?
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I know what you mean. If I eat a larger portion of beef (like a steak), it comes out smelling like burning hair the next day.

Try taking some L.acidophilus + L.casei capsules. The beneficial bacteria improves your digestive processes. Get the ones that you have to refrigerate; they're usually more effective. You can usually find them at a health-foods store. Take on capsule in the morning, and one at night, for an entire week.

Sometimes you can't help but get a wiff of your own bowl movement, especially if it's particularly noxious.
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Do u drink alot of coffee? Then yea it should
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Rofl. Sorry, I found that funny. I think it's normal, but you might wanna get checked out !
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See a doc
I burnt chocolate trying to melt the stuff that doesn't melt
I'm do stupid sometimes
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You have to keep it on simmer
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