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Is it normal for my throat after giving head?
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My boyfriend has a big one, bout the biggest dick i've sucked gave him head and i deep throated him it got to the point where i feel like im gonna puke, but i didnt stop anyways i left it there to please him and it didnt hurt just felt like the usualy i cant breath that much, now after a while and still feel like i can't breath whnever i drink water or eat i feel like i cant breath anymore like im getting choked in my throat or something its scarrying me did i catch a disease or is this normal ? it was not the first time i give someone head, but he is the biggest i've had. what wrong with me throat?doesnt hurt just feelslike im being choked and can't breath
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stop for a while, just stick with sex, if after a while its normal then continue but limit the blowjobs, if not go see a doctor
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dude nothing is wrong with you, if anything you are paranoid about his dick chocking you and you arent being able to breathe psychologically.
if you like this guy, you will love his cock, if you dont like this guy, his cock will be a turnoff to you.
remember, bigger doesnt mean better.
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Well, if you... you know, swallow it... you can get an STD, mabey thats it? I'm not a doctor.
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it will pass just don't go so deep next time..
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Yes it's normal to be sore.

If you're determined to continue deep-throating him you may want to consider numbing your throat first.

You also may want to make sure his penis is CLEAN too... your throat may be complaining if he hasn't washed since the last time he took a piss.
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