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Is it normal for people to experience this kind of rejection?
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Alright, so, I'm originally from the USA, and most of my friends are American. I currently study in the UK for college. All my North American friends think I'm nice, my family thinks I'm nice, I think I'm nice and everyone I know considers me a good person. I do too. Currently here in the UK, I have at least one friend so far, at least. I've tried to befriend other British people and people from abroad. But do they care? No. They're so indifferent and they don't care at all. Jeez, I just want to be their friend. I'm a nice person. Why does nobody else care? I don't hurt them in any way. Sometimes I feel so sad because it makes me feel like there's something wrong with me. Sometimes I feel like my best lady friend is the only person who cares about me. But there's nothing wrong with me because if there was, I wouldn't have three best friends, and quite a few other friends back in North America. Just a quick comment, I'm an introvert, so I don't have a whole lot of friends, but I at least have a few (in North America anyway).
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So you offended because your a nice guy and they dont want to friend you. Really.
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Maybe you're just not that interesting to them and come across as creepy/desperate? Doing things with people and having that shared experience naturally strikes up conversation, which leads to friendship. Just participate more and let connections form naturally instead of trying to force it (if that's what you're doing).
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Being nice is fine and dandy but you have to have more than that going for you.
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You can't expect to have everyone like you and want to be your friend. Some people just don't care about making new friends and like keeping to themselves.
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Well... I mean you are just some random stranger, and so are they. Why do you want to be friends with them so bad if the only thing you know about them is their nationality?
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Pommie Wankers!
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Don't try so hard
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The Brits have an unfriendly way of being friendly. It's a much better idea to go to the pub, get drunk, then get laid.
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From my experience yes it's normal. Although my case is a bit different I'm from Syria and I moved to Germany two years ago I can speak the language very good and I now study here but I face a big social rejection maybe because I'm from Syria and people have many stereotypes about me already in head but in your case I don't know if it's the stereotypes or because you're forein in general
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I travel often and have similar problems. I realized though that my friendships in america I built over a very long time. Also I don't think I have ever made a friend that was a traveler and a complete stranger.
I think that it is very hard and takes time no matter who you are. But if you are staying in one place for a while, then at your job or internship you can meet people and it will develop naturally. That would be my advice and do not take it personally. You will find a solution I'm certain.
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