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Is it normal for people to get butthurt over your sensory sensitivies?
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Long story short i lived by myself for a few years in a remotely quiet area.
Of course being by yourself you are not used to stuff like stomping about or the like.
And it inadvertedly amplified my sensitivity to auditory stimuli.

I mean i got out a fair bit but being in public is one thing but at home reading or something is another. You get used to not hearing any of the other ambient noise that comes with living with others.

I have difficulty with filtering out noises and unless i'm dead tired i'm typically hyperaware of my surroundings.

Some time earlier this year i went back to living with other people because as nice as living alone can be it's kinda meh. (Also at the time i had no choice but to make alternate living arrangements)

Needless to say is it normal for people to get super butthurt over you being realy jumpy and sensitive to auditory stimuli? (Which was amplified by the long term living in solitude)
One person in particular when i'd jump when he'd stomp around would when he'd notice me jump he would yell at me and jump and stomp around more after he got closer.
Then yell grab me by the shoulders and yell again because i'd jump away.
To make make matters worse this person KNEW the touching was a no-go thing.

Claiming 'you will get used to it'
Yeah no it didn't help and only made it worse on top of it making me MORE jumpy and stressed out (also i wasnt in that good of a place mentally when i had to move and he was just making it worse)

And it...Well. Did not help with trying to reacclimatise myself with living under the same roof as people again.

Ah i'm babbling, but nonetheless is it normal for people to get butthurt and act like this in regards to sensory sensitivities? Or were they just a asshat?
(Long story short ever since i can remember i have dealt with a big chunk of people like this in some way so i have no idea if this is even normal, hence why i'm asking)
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Well no, the whole you being that shocked thing isn't considered normal. Nevertheless, still seems rude just to prod someone, I'd have ended up assaulting someone if I had that problem. I actually can sort of understand you, as I tend to get mad when I hear a bunch of white trash yelling about shit, because I live in an urban area.
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Are you Mexican?
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Nothing screams butthurt like paragraphs complaining about someone else's butthurt. You're just awkward as hell. You'll grow out of it.
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