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Is it normal for people to hate her?
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This friend of mine is a sweet, beautiful, helpful Jesus loving, god fearing girl who is in a convent kind of college. She believes she does everything in presence of God and I think she could never hurt anyone.

Her teachers, and superiors hate her because she loves heavy metal music and wants to learn electric guitar.

Have read Bible twice (I am not a Christian) to know what's the problem and learned that God or Jesus never forbid any music.

I wrote e mails to some heavy metal band members and they say that they love God and some of them are loving followers of Christianity.

I don't think I can talk to her teachers about it cause I am not a Christian and I may be disqualified for any discussion.

Is there any pice of knowledge that I can share with the management of her college that would help them understand that no music or hobby or taste makes her evil and she is nice and more than worthy of people's love and respect?
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Surely that's up to her? Research christian heavy metal bands and give her the info to pass on herself.

While you're googling that, try & find Billy Connolly's rave on christian metal: he says it's "not for them" anyway!
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That's extremely odd that a teacher would hate a person for liking a certain type of music.

If they dress like a metal head, that's a different story and people generally prefer people with an easy to look at appearance but just for liking music, that's not normal.
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